Overview of the Greenhouse Facility


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The University of Oregon Greenhouse Facility comprises more than 6,000 square feet of greenhouse space and a one-acre field to support research and teaching activities. The facility consists of a small greenhouse on the fourth floor of Onyx Bridge, two stand-alone greenhouses near the Urban Farm, and main Quonset building. The UO Greenhouse Facility serves as a core facility to support the research and teaching missions of faculty and students in multiple academic departments and institutes across the university, as well as other universities throughout the country. The facility is staffed by a part-time greenhouse manager and by student workers.

A complete description of the greenhouse facility and policies for its use can be found in this document.

For inquiries about greenhouse use please contact:

Brian Dykstra

UO Greenhouse Manager

(541) 346-4550

E-mail: briand@uoregon.edu

GREENHOUSE USAGE FEES (Effective July 2014)
Affiliate Cost per sq/ft per month
UO Research


UO Non-Research/Teaching




Flat Rates Cost per Month
Outside Field


Greenhouse 111  
Large Soil Bed


Small Soil Bed


Growth Chambers